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Luxury Attitude Academy Launching Press Conference Hosted by LBI Korea

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 8:18 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Luxury Business Institute Korea (LBI Korea) hosted a press conference at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel on May 10, and announced launching of its state-of-the-art education solution, 'Luxury Attitude Academy' in Korea.

Daniel Mayran, president of LBI Group, answered to the question, which is “What is luxury?”. “Luxury is evolving and customers are looking for new experiences.” He defined luxury by saying, “Luxury is the key to creating a customer experience and an important element of brand differentiation.” He also said, “I believe the true luxury is the unique result created by outstanding craftsmen with unique know-how in an extremely special environment. I think that the E-Movie Leaning program will be an important asset for other service companies such as learners, jobseekers, professionals, luxury brands, etc.”

▲ Daniel Mayran, Founder and President of LBI Group

▲ Edouard Champrenault, President of LBI Group

▲ Kwon Yunjung, Vice President of LBI Korea

LBI Korea is the first luxury professional training institute in Korea that offers specialized consulting and education programs for practitioners in the luxury industries including retail, hospitality, beauty, cosmetics and lifestyle.

Luxury Attitude Academy consists of three types of content: 'service', 'communication and interpersonal skills', and 'customer experience'. The program is expected to be a great help for three cases: companies that want to improve their customer service and management performance through service improvement, industry practitioners who want to boost their job performance by building up additional expertise based on the insights of global luxury experts and case studies, jobseekers who want to improve competitiveness through indirect job experiences. In particular, LBI Korea offers customized on-off-line convergence courses in consideration of various positions of students, practitioners and executives.

Luxury Business Institute was established in Korea in 2009 to foster more specialized luxury specialists and is also currently operating in China (2015). LBI not only provides customized training programs but also retail service quality assessment and headhunting services to the luxury industry. LBI's typical portfolio is comprised of more than 40 prestigious brands, including Gucci, Hermes, Burberry, Bluebell, Richemont, Hyundai Motor and Seoul Shilla Hotel.

▲ LBI is equipped with a platform optimized for business by absorbing feedback from luxury industrial sites.

▲ LBI boasts optimized UX for online training.

▲ It is also advantageous for retraining in the enterprise as manager mode allows to easily check learning progress.

The program was co-developed by LBI Korea and INSEEC U., a prestigious educational institution in France. The program is bidirectional online education course composed of 12 episodes (30 minutes of drama per episode, a total of three months) that re-create realistic situations for professional and immersive storytelling.

Moreover, each episode includes exclusive interviews of global luxury experts, so students can learn insights about the problems and responses they might face at the service field. Program students will receive a 'Luxury Attitude' certificate after completing each learning module and four assessments.

Currently, LBI Korea is first of the seven countries around the world, including France, the United Kingdom and the United States, for launching e-learning solution 'Luxury Attitude Academy'. Global companies including Hotel Le Meurice, one of the classical luxury hotels in Paris, German luxury Car Company Porsche, Paris department store Printemps, premium coffee brand Nespresso, and Air France, are using it for training practitioners.

Kwon Yunjung, Vice President of LBI Korea, said, “This launch will be a great opportunity for hotel and luxury brand employees and jobseekers to learn more about real-world examples of luxury brands. It will also be an education solution that can offer practical help to the distribution and hospitality industry as well as jobseekers and practitioners of related industries such as automotive, banking and healthcare.”