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Wanna One World Tour Concert ‘Wanna One World Tour [ONE : THE WORLD]’ Press Conference

  • Monday, June 4, 2018, 7:15 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Boy group Wanna One starts the first World Tour Concert ‘Wanna One World Tour <ONE : THE WORLD>’ starting with Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, on June 1.

On June 3, when the third performance was held, a press conference was held to hear the voices of Wanna One before going abroad at Gocheok Sky Dome Diamond Club from 3 pm. At the conference, we were able to hear the stories of the members about the World Tour and their special album.

▲ The first appearance of ‘1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED)’ special album performance was made to fans.

Wanna One's special album, ‘1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED)’ is the fourth arithmetic series that embodies a combination of “various charm and infinite possibilities (χ) of Wanna One, which will be shown as a unit (÷), but shining even brighter when they become one (1)” into the equation. The album contains the story of you and my fateful love story that cannot be divided (UNDIVIDED) into anything,

On June 17, 2017, eleven boys united by the name ‘Wanna One’ achieved “Golden Age”, which was promised to all, and brighten up the new light with ‘1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED)’ from Jun 4, 2018. They will present not only their special album title track ‘Light’ that will light up Wanna One as a whole, but also four unit projects that will show each member’s attraction.

1. Triple Position – Kim Jae-hwan, Kang Daniel, Park Woo-jin X ZICO

Kang Daniel said, “We put a message that the boys want to play toward the exit when feel tired from their daily lives. As we’ve got a lot of good results with Zico, this song became more interesting by containing the consistency of three of us.”

2. Number 1 – Park Ji-hoon, Bae Jin-young, Lai Guanlin X Dynamic Duo

Park Ji-hoon said, “The song is minimal, but contains addictive hook. Our team is the youngest in Wanna One, but we put the aspect of becoming a real man.”

3. The Heal – Ong Seong-woo, Lee Dae-hwi X Heize

Lee Dae-hwi said, “Heize produced a song called ‘Sandglass’. It's a song that tells people who are about to leave or are about to end that there will be hope of a new start if they turn around when the sandglass is over.”

4. Lean On Me – Yoon Ji-sung, Ha Sung-woon, Hwang Min-hyun X NELL

Hwang Min-hyun said, “We expressed the message that I will take the memory to heart with the mind of ‘one more day’ rather than ‘eternity’, at the moment of separation with appealing vocal.

▲ Beginning with Seoul concert, Wanna One now visits Wannable all over the world.

Wanna One's first world tour concert, 'Wanna One World Tour<ONE : THE WORLD>’ was the first step to meet fans all over the world, and it will be remembered forever as the most special moments in life towards Wonder World as a concert where Wannable all over the world become united.

Wanna One suggested the unit stages and solo performances as a point of observation of the world tour which will be held all over the world. In particular, Wanna One members were confident that they are now able to show their fans their hard work, so prepared a lot to convey their thoughts and feelings. Hwang Min-hyun expressed his wish that through the last regular album, he would like to make a good album that Wannable could listen to. (Photographs courtesy of CJ E&M)