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Liverpool FC and Kodansha announce long-term extension

  • Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 7:23 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Liverpool FC (LFC) is delighted to announce a long-term partnership extension with Kodansha.

Kodansha, LFC's official publication partner and Japan's largest publisher, first started working with the club in 2021 and has agreed an early renewal, showing their commitment to the future of the club and their desire to create a legacy with LFC.

The new extension sees Kodansha extend their relationship with LFC, to incorporate both the men's and women's team, which will help to support the continued growth of the women's team. This comes at an exciting time ahead of their move to Melwood later this year.

The partnership strives to 'Inspire Impossible Stories' by inspiring future generations through its work in the community, and through the 'Creative Works' programme alongside LFC Foundation, it provides children and young adults with a chance to express themselves through creativity and storytelling.

This new, long-term commitment will see the programme's expansion into the USA, and Kodansha and LFC Foundation look to build on the impact they have already made in the UK.

Through this partnership, LFC has supported Kodansha to drive brand awareness, globally, reach unconnected audiences, all whilst helping to inspire a younger generation. In this period, LFC and Kodansha have connected with over 850 school children in Liverpool, whilst helping almost 40 young people graduate through the LFC Foundation's Creative Works programme.

Most recently, Kodansha, LFC and LFC Foundation exhibited within the famous Tate Liverpool, providing a chance for local children, artists, and visitors a chance to be inspired, creative and enjoy art.

Speaking about the renewal, Ben Latty, commercial director at Liverpool FC, said: "We are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership with Kodansha, even more so following on from the incredible displays in Tate Liverpool a few weeks ago. Our activations with Kodansha over the last two years truly embody the term partnership. There is a true alignment in values between LFC and Kodansha, which we are excited to build upon.

"This extension will see significant support and focus on the brilliant work of LFC Foundation and see us expand that work into the USA. It's also pleasing to see Kodansha extend their support of the club to both the men's and women's teams."

Tokuo Kanemura, senior vice president and COO at Kodansha, added: "We take great pride in the extension of this agreement, which allows us to be a part of Liverpool FC's illustrious history and to leave our legacy. Let's continue to join hands and inspire people all over the world together.

"Furthermore, our partnership with the women's team is profoundly meaningful to us. We hope that this partnership will serve as a catalyst for their further achievements and that will continue to captivate audiences with its creativity."