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[COMPUTEX 2016] ‘InnoVEX,’ a Startup Exhibition Meeting Innovative Ideas

  • Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 10:10 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
From May 31, ‘Computex Taipei 2016,’ which is now held in various parts of Taipei, Taiwan, is an exhibition with ICT related industry as well as computers

With a theme of ‘Building Partnerships in Internet Computing Ecosystems,’ the exhibition spotlights IoT application, innovation, startup, business solution, and gaming.

Among them, ‘InnoVEX’ exhibition in the 3 hall at TWTC(Taipei World Trade Center) until June 2 is specialized to startup. From all over the globe, the companies as well as Taiwan armed with innovative ideas participated with the products that they have been prepared.

Moreover, as major events, keynote address, panel discussion, startup meeting, pitching tournament, product demo, etc. are progressed to present variety of information and pleasure to officials and visitors, and they are broadcasted live via online streaming service, ‘Twitch.’

▲ ‘Startup@Taipei’ is a common exhibition with the startups in Taipei.

▲ Officials from all over the globe are looking around the event.

▲ At Ideas Show, the companies are gathering for implementing creative ideas.

▲ At htc Vive exhibition area, various genres of VR experience such as flight, shooting are provided.

▲ G2A challenges variety of fields like 3D printing and VR over the game platform.

▲ At Samsumg Elctronics exhibition area, it is possible to experience roller-coaster by using Gear VR.

▲ At Audi exhibition area, the assistance system supporting more convenient driving is presented.

▲ Korean company, KonoLabs presents the individual concierge service, ‘Kono.’

▲ At the center stage, the pitching tournament is progressed.

▲ The main events of ‘InnoVEX’ exhibition are broadcasted via a streaming service, ‘Twitch’