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Korea Educational Broadcasting System

EBS Documentary [Korea Travelogue : Life Is a Road Movie] Watching Guide

■ Introduction Nature seems to have soothing powers that comforts us. We often find ourselves longing for the green mountains and the blue oceans in the midst of the hectic lives and constant stress. EBS Korea..

EBS Documentary 'Themes Around the World-Journey through Canada, a Winter Wonderland' Preview

■ Introduction The world is big with lots of places to visit. However, we have limited amount of time on our hands. Is it really impossible to visit all the places around the world? There is a TV program that solves this problem: EBS Themes Around the World. Themes Around the World is not ..

Gourmet trip in Asia - watching on EBS Documentary

Rice Noddles, Nasigoreng, Qingdao beer… They might be the first foods that come to your mind typical Asian foods. New and unusual food often presents us with a feast of unique fancy flavors you haven’t experienced before. Why don’t you join in an Asian gourmet trip with Baek Jong-..

We will never stop! Documentary - Right to Fight [The 15th EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF 2018)]

Without our knowledge, EIDF(EBS International Documentary Festival), which has been 15 years old, has become settled well as a worldwide documentary festival, including Korea, as its name is. At this time, the ca..

EBS mathematics documentaries enjoyable to watch again

What does come to your mind first when you think of 'Mathematics'? Perhaps you might remember the time when studying the tough subject in your school life. It is the mathematics that one of the subjects which many people are feeling difficult is. However, Pythagoras asserted, "all is ..