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AprilBio-Celros Biotech Signs a Joint Research Agreement for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Dual Antibody Treatment

On April 24, AprilBio, the new drug bio venture, announced that it has signed a joint research agreement with Celros Biotech, the inflammatory drug development company, for dual antibody treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (hereinafter IBD). Both companies plan to develop therapeutics using Celros Biotech's antibody and inflammation control source technology, and AprilBio's anti-Serum Albumin Fab-Associated (SAFA) platform source technology and antibody conjugation technology. Inflammatory bowel disease is a disease in which abnormal chronic inflammation in the large and small intestine improves and recurs repeatedly. The therapeutic efficacy of current therapeutic antibodies is only 30%, so unmet medical demand is high. The agreement presents a new concept that the therapeutic effect can be significantly improved by stably double-binding the antibody developed by Celros Biotech with the existing SAFA technology of AprilBio. "SAFA technology is a platform technology applicable to various drugs and mechanisms, so the effectiveness of SAFA technology can be highly appreciated through the joint development of innovative new drugs for IBD," said Sang-Hoon Cha, CEO at AprilBio. "We are pleased to cooperate with AprilBio, which has abundant experience and source technology in double-antibody binding. We hope not only to discover new anti-drug candidates effective for the treatment of IBD, but also to continue to cooperate and develop global innovative new drugs with AprilBio in the future," said Yoon-Soo Bae, CEO at Celros Biotech.

POSTECH Developed Stem Cell Therapy for Myocardial Infarction Using Mussel Adhesive Protein

The initial mortality rate of myocardial infarction is 30%. Since myocardial infarction is a disease directly connected to life, it is known that more than 50% of patients die even before they go to the hospital. Because of this, fast and active treatment is significant to prevent myocardial infarction from reaching a heart attack. Recently, a research team from POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) has developed an effective stem cell therapy for myocardial infarction using mussel's powerful and harmless protein and stem cells. POSTECH research team led by Prof. Hyung Joon CHA and Tae Yoon PARK developed "adhesive liquid cell carrier" with The Catholic University of Korea research team led by Prof. Sung Bo SIM and Prof. Jongho LEE. The "adhesive liquid cell carrier" allows the transplant to be maintained for a long time by using a phase separation phenomenon of mussel adhesive protein (MAP) to form a coacervated type so that mesenchymal stem cells are easily captured, and stem cells are efficiently transferred between damaged myocardial tissues. In particular, it is expected to be a revolutionary method for the treatment of myocardial infarction as it can be mass-produced. ▲ Myocardial Infarction Stem Cell Therapy (Material provided by POSTECH) The heart is a central organ that circulates blood while repeating contraction and relaxation by electrical signals. When the blood vessels of the heart are blocked by blood clots, it is challenging to supply oxygen and nutrients to the heart, and muscle cells and blood vessels surrounding them will be extremely damaged. It is myocardial infarction that necrosis occurs in the myocardial wall, and the wall becomes thinner. Since the heart cannot regenerate itself once it has been damaged, there is no way to regenerate the damaged heart muscle dramatically. So in severe cases, it becomes necessary to put on a mechanical device or transplant another heart. Recently, as a future treatment technology, studies have been actively conducted to transplant stem cells into damaged myocardial tissues and make them regenerate. However, the transplanted stem cells have significantly reduced transplant rates due to poor and extreme myocardial environment. And even if the transplant succeeds, most die soon. Stem cell treatment for myocardial infarction requires two conditions that can withstand the environment of the damaged myocardium. The first is that the stem cells must be efficiently transplanted and left for a long time between the heart's high blood pressure, rapid blood flow, and myocardial tissue thinned by myocardial infarction. Second, the transplanted stem cells must rapidly integrate with existing surrounding tissues to build blood vessels and improve viability. However, until now, it was complicated for stem cells to be successfully delivered to the damaged myocardial tissue and to maintain the transplant. The joint research team made the stem cell self-capture in the process of making a liquid coacervate. Then, the resulting stem cell treatment was efficiently implanted by injecting it into the thinned damaged myocardial wall. Through animal experiments, it was confirmed that the transplanted stem cells survived the damaged myocardial tissue for a long time based on the adhesion and the ability to form blood vessels of MAP materials and the biomolecular efficacy of the stem cells. Furthermore, new blood vessels were formed in the damaged myocardial tissue, prevented the further killing of existing myocardial cells, and relieved fibromyalgia to restore the damaged myocardial wall. The new stem cell carrier developed through research is expected to play a critical role in the stem cell therapy market as it uses biocompatible biomaterials that are harmless to the human body. The results of this study were published online in the Journal of Controlled Release, the world's leading authority in the field of drug delivery.

EBS Response to the Unprecedented National Disaster... Urgent Schedule for Special SchoolCourses Live Streaming for 1st to 12th grade.

⁃ EBS has urgently organized for 1st to 12th grade from March 23rd(Mon) ~ April 3rd (Fri) ⁃ With company-wide capabilities fully mobilized, 150 crews providesimultaneous live broadcasting of 472 classes across 10 studios ⁃ EBS provides the same online live broadcasting with thetimetables from the schools and you can download the EBS texts for free ⁃ In response to COVID 19, we are providing the largest ever onlineeducation model in our history With the opening days of the school term ofelementary, middle and high schools postponed for another two weeks until April6th, EBS (President Kim Myung-joong) mobilized 12 E-learning studios at theirfull capacity and organized the 'EBS 2-Week Live Schooling Courses’ for all 12grades of elementary, junior, and high school. From March 23rd to April 3rd, ‘EBS 2-Week LiveSchooling Courses’ will be provided for two weeks following the timetables ofschools on the EBS elementary, middle and high school sites in order to keep upschool progress for the new semester. The existing Special High School Live Lecture targetedhigh school students, drawing attention from the public, and so EBS hasexpanded this new Special Live Lecture to all grades of students in elementary,middle and high school, as well as organized an unprecedented combination ofsimultaneous live streaming on the Internet using ten studios. In terms of production scale, 150 crew members willspecially produce 472 classes in ten studios and broadcast them in real time.To this end, EBS also introduced other devices for internet live streaming. EBSplans to mobilize company-wide capabilities such as disinfection and diseasesurveillance during the broadcast period by organizing a special team dedicatedto COVID-19 in order to prevent daily live broadcasting from needing to pause. ‘EBS 2-Week Live Schooling Courses’ is anunprecedented and organized system not only in Korea but also amongst foreignbroadcasters. In order to overcome the temporary paralysis of school functionsaround the world, EBS decided to fulfill its role as a designated “NationalDisaster Education Broadcasting Company” in close cooperation with the Ministryof Education and the Korea Communications Commission. On the other hand, EBS textbooks that are used aslecture materials for two weeks can be downloaded free of charge from each EBSelementary, middle, and high school site. In the case of first and secondgraders, taking their development into account, EBS will broadcast “Adapting toSchool Life” and “Basic Course Contents” through the EBS Plus 2 Channel insteadof live streaming it on the internet. The 3rd to 6th graders can take classes from the EBSelementary site ( from 9 am to 12 am, 7th-9th graders from 9am to 1 pm on the EBS middle school site (, 10th graders from 9am to 1 pm, and 11th-12th graders from 9 am to 4 pm on the high school site( in the same way as school classes. In addition, all live speciallectures and related learning materials will be available through a ‘Replay’service at EBS elementary, middle, and high school sites. (*For the detailedschedule of each grader, see the attachment below) ‘EBS 2-Week Live Schooling Courses’ are expected tosignificantly resolve the learning gap caused by the additional postponement ofthe new semester through interactions with EBS's lecturers in real time throughcomments. ‘Special Lecture for 5 Days Live,' which was urgently formed on March9 due to the unprecedented postponement of the new semester, attracted morethan 250,000 comments (as of March 17). On this online platform where teachersinteracted with students, we found the possibility to succeed in new forms oflearning. EBS President Kim Myung-joong states, “As our advancedsystem to combat the epidemic is praised by people around the world, EBS'sonline live broadcasting can become a new education model in response todisaster in a global emergency where schools are closed.” * EBS : Korea Educational Broadcasting System As the one and only educational broadcasting channel in Korea, EBS provides top-notch programs for children and high quality documentaries for all age group. It not only complements public education, reducing the unnecessary private education cost, but it also functions as a driving force for enhancing equality in education. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, moreover, it is now offering the interactive E-learning system that anyone can access at any time with any device, along with the customer-oriented services. * homepage :