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Opening Ceremony of the 16th EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EIDF 2019)

The opening ceremony of the 16th EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EIDF 2019) sponsored by EBS (Chairman Kim Myung-joong) and sponsored by Goyang City was held at 7 pm EBS Space Hall on Monday, August 19th. Hosted by the broadcaster Kim Kuk-jin and actor Kim Gyu-ri, the opening ceremony of EIDF 2019 was also broadcast live on the YouTube EIDF channel. ▲ The biggest event of the year for Korean documentary lovers is finally revealed. ▲ This year's opening ceremony was held by Kim Kook-jin and actor Kim Gyu-ri. At the opening ceremony, Chairman Kim Myung-joong announced the opening of the EIDF 2019, and judges including Morten Traavik, directors of the festival's competition works, and documentary directors both at home and abroad were in attendance. Representatives including a legislator Kim Kyoung-jin, a senior deputy mayor Lee Chun-pyo, the standing committee of Korean Communications Commission Go Sam-seok, the chairman of Goyang City congress Lee Yoon-seung, and the officials from Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Radio Promotion Association, and Korea Communications Agency attended the ceremony to celebrate the opening of the festival. The chairman of EIDF, Kim Myung-joong declared the start of the festival. "The documentary has recorded hope, frustration, truth, lies, light and even darkness. In the age of uncertainty, I think documentaries are more important than ever." ▲ With the opening declaration of Chairman EBS Kim Myung-joong, the event schedule for EIDF 2019 has begun. ▲ Documentary producers and directors who entered the competition section expressed their impressions about the visit. ▲ Among the entries, Russian and Japanese works received attention by illuminating the dark memories and aspects of human history. ▲ Lee Chang-jae, chairman of the jury, revealed his impressions this year and asked for interest in Korean documentaries. ▲ Global pitching participants who will lead the future documentary trends were introduced and applauded. The opening ceremony of EIDF 2019 was prepared to introduce the main contents and programs of the festival, including stage greetings from competing works' directors and introduction of judges. As for special performances, the percussion performance team "Good Friends" was held at the begging of the ceremony, and at the end, "JustJerk" showed a great performance. After the ceremony, EIDF 2019's opening film "Midnight Traveler" was screened. ▲ The opening ceremony was concluded shortly after the introduction of the main contents of "Midnight Traveler". EIDF 2019 will be held in Goyang-si and Seoul at the same time until 25th (Sun) following the catchphrase 'Documentary, Lighting the World!'. 73 documentary films from 34 countries will be screened on the three theaters including EBS, Megabox Ilsan Bella Citta, and Small Theater Under the Clouds of Hongdae, and EBS 1TV Channel. There are also various program events: 'EIDF Special Forum with representative architects of Korea: Urban and Architecture-Warmth of Home' (8/21 19:00, Small Theater Under the Clouds), and various special talks with the theme of 'Is it good to marry', 'We go to Pyeongyang without fear', and 'My Dog's Taste'. Meanwhile, EIDF 2019, which marks its 16th this year, will be held in Goyang-si and Seoul from August 17th (Sat) to August 25th (Sun). Through documentary VOD service 'D-BOX', it is possible to watch films again.

10 Million Viewers in South Korea! the Reason, Why [Aladdin] Is Possible While [The Lion King] Is Impossible

Can the movie [The Lion King] surpass the record of [Aladdin]? This year, Disney revealed two live-action remake movies. One is the movie [Aladdin], which has been a concern since the release of the cast, and the other is the [The Lion King], which is considered to be one of the best productions of the year for the best production cost of Disney's history. Source: The Walt Disney Company Korea Official Poster First of all, [Aladdin], released in May, surpassed 10 million viewers in Korea in just 53 days with 1400 screens without screen monopoly, and it has exceeded 11 million viewers for the 4th time in foreign films. Even the opening score was so low that it couldn’t exceed 100,000, which is the lowest movie among the foreign films with 10 million viewers of all time. As a result, it succeeded in reaching the box office of approximately $ 1 billion globally. Meanwhile, [The Lion King], released last week (July 17, 2019), has surpassed [Aladdin]’s record from the beginning of the opening. In ten days after its release, it recorded a tie record with [Frozen]. That is, it has surpassed 3 million viewers in the shortest time in history of Disney movies. And the earnings have already reached $ 600 million globally. As it has been rushing like nobody’s business, whether [The Lion King] will be able to set a record that surpasses [Aladdin] is attracting attention all over the world. Actually, as mentioned before, [Aladdin] was one of the controversial works before the release. There were a number of criticisms including boring casting controversy (although the casting controversy is a problem every time a live-action movie is released), as well as the shocking appearance of actor Will Smith, who transformed into a blue Genie. Disney has already seen the bitter taste of the box office failure with [Beauty and the Beast], so it did not expect much on [Aladdin]. Rather, it was concentrating on [The Lion King] from CG to music and even dubbing. Source URL: However, [Aladdin], which was at the center of the controversy, resulted in a long-remembered myth in movie history, and the whole world was enthusiastic about Aladdin. Thus, [The Lion King] soon began to attract attention. This is because Disney had been working on it for a long time. If I guess [The Lion King] can make as much success as [Aladdin], the answer is 'NO'. [The Lion King] does not have the secret to attract the audience like [Aladdin]. [Aladdin] and [The Lion King] have a fatal weakness in the box office. That is, the audience already knows the story. On the other hand, it can also be strength in that it has many fans waiting for this work. Nevertheless, the reason why the weakness is bigger is that there must be something that surpasses the previous animation for captivating audiences who constantly compare with previous animations. In this respect, [Aladdin] has succeeded, but [The Lion King] has failed. Source: The Walt Disney Company Official Poster [Aladdin] searched for something that differentiated from animation in 'camera control', ‘presentism', and 'impact'. First of all, as you can guess from the title, [Aladdin] is a fantasy adventure story that a sneak thief Aladdin experiences while encountering the lamp fairy Genie. That is, it is all about the story of Aladdin. But in this live-action movie, even though the title is [Aladdin], it does not seem to be Aladdin's story. The film moved audience’s eyes to the minor characters, the lamp fairy Genie and Princess Jasmine. To be specific, it focused on Genie’s desire to be a normal human being, the sadness of Jasmine deprived of her father’s kingdom by the Wizard Jafar, and the strength to regain it. As a result, it was possible for the audience to feel fresh and emotional as they experience a whole new story. Source: “Speechless” Music Video Screenshot However, in [The Lion King], it was difficult to find differentiated points like [Aladdin]. Story is still focused only on the main character Simba. The story of Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala was similar to that of animation, and the ambition of Uncle Scar, which was existed in the original animation, and the stories of the three hyenas (Shenzi, Banzai, Ed) disappeared. Source URL: Next, it is about 'presentism'. One of the reasons why [Aladdin] is favorably received by audiences is that it has perfectly done presentism of the characters. Everyone knew that Genie was cheerful, but no one could imagine the funky atmosphere of hip-hop. In [Aladdin], on top of Genie's original unique sense of humor in the animation, modern comedy, funkiness, and hip-hop style were added to present new fun and pleasure. Consequentially, a lot of laughing points that audience can enjoy were in the film. Furthermore, OST has strengthened modern grandiosity and musical elements as well as reinforced the reinterpretation of modern story by inserting a new song, Speechless, which was not in animation. Source: [Aladdin] Teaser Trailer Screenshot On the other hand, there was very little modern interpretation in [The Lion King]. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the original animation of 1994 was transferred as it was. No new interpretation was found compared to the original animation [The Lion King]. Finally, it is 'impact'. One of [Aladdin]'s viewing points is the fun of watching. How to express the magic elements of Genie was an important factor. With advanced computer graphics (CG) technique, it successfully presented more colorful visual beauty and impact than animation. CG, as well as dazzling group and solo dance, provided the audience much fun to move their shoulders throughout the movie. Source: [Aladdin] Preview Teaser Trailer Screenshot The visual of [The Lion King] is second to none. The most focusing part in [The Lion King] is the reality that filmed the actual animals and nature as they are. So when the trailer was first released, it became a big topic for the factual description. However, the visual novelty was only up to five minutes before the movie started. Realistic descriptions have soon been adapted to the eyes of the audience, and other than that, there were few visual elements that could catch the eye of the audience. After all, the story had to lead the movie, but the story was not so different from the animation, which eventually became a flat and boring movie. Even the part of Simba and Nala falling in love with the background OST ‘Can you feel the love’ was finished by mixing with the reunion scene without any romantic atmosphere. Source URL: Despite this criticism, of course, [The Lion King] can record astonishing performances like [Aladdin]. This is due to the combination of various factors, including simultaneous releases and seasons. But there is one thing we should not forget in [Aladdin]. The crucial reason why [Aladdin] could succeed in the box office was that it was the repeated viewings. The repeated viewing rate of [Aladdin] is 8.7% on July 14, which is about three times the average of the top 10 movies (3.1%). Also, for repeated viewings, there must be something that fans want to watch again. ===== Ph.D Sophia Seo She had been a member of the research committee of EBS Tomorrow’s Education Plan Institute. Currently, she is a visiting professor at Sookmyung Women's University and an education director of Data Marketing Korea. She is an expert in new media content trend and creator market analysis.

The Residence Bintan, a Paradise Under the Sun of the Equator

When talking about the number of countries that can go without visa, a Korean passport has always been named on top. The passport index is the sum of the visited visa-free countries and countries that need arrival visa in the passport. According to the global financial adviser, Arton Capital’s 2018 announcement, the Republic of Korea, along with Singapore, set a record of 162 points and a joint first place. Like this international reputation, the Korean passport is a very good item to feel the different mood over the border. After flying for 6 hours from Incheon International Airport, you will arrive at Singapore Changi Airport. Because it is a visa-free country and the processing work is fast, it takes only about 30 minutes to get to the Arrivals Hall. When you go through the baggage area and go out to the Terminal lobby, the hot and humid air of the tropics will make you realize that you are in a foreign country. After a short breath with Singapore air, grab a Grab taxi and go 10 minutes south to Tanah Merah ferry terminal. For reference, the first ship to Bintan, Indonesia, is around 8 am. After completing a simple immigration check and baggage inspection, it takes about one hour by high-speed ferry to Bintan Island in Indonesia. In this way, it takes about 8 hours to go through Singapore and then to the land of Indonesia, and the countries you experienced are Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. Bintan Island, which has arrived here, is well known as a land developed early as a Special Tourist Zone for recuperation in Indonesia. As Singapore emerged as an economically wealthy country, many people visited Bintan, which is right adjacent, as a vacation spot. If you arrive at the Bintan Ferry Terminal, there are a lot of vehicles that carry guests to the resort. The only public transport on Bintan Island is a taxi. When you book a resort, it is a wise choice to choose traffic facilities to and from the airport. And ‘The Residence Bintan’ also has a limousine service, which will help you get there. It is approximately one and a half hours between the terminal and the resort. Given the time of a short trip from the airport or terminal, within 12 hours, it is possible to arrive at the resort from my house in Seoul. This reminds me that the earth we live is small. The main building entrance of 'The Residence Bintan', which entered in the limousine, seems to have been functionally decorated like a golf course guest house. But it’s only for the beginning. Entering the lobby through the entrance, you could see the refreshing appearance that the architecture of traditional Indonesian style facing the open sea. It was fresh enough with the natural wind, rather than the air conditioner. Only the entrance area has many walls. Besides, the surroundings were all open, so it was impressive that both nature and convenience facilities met my eye. There are two types of rooms that can be reserved ­ one with an ocean view and one with a garden. Every ocean view room has a swimming pool, but the location of the pool is different. Some have pools right outside the back door and the others have stairs to go down before the pools. If you want to go out and fall into the pool, you should choose a ‘Beachfront’ type room, and if you want to have more party space or enjoy natural wind and light, it will be great to choose a ‘Sea View’ type room. The terrace type rooms with ‘Garden’ or ‘Vista’ modifiers have no private swimming pools. Instead of being located more inside toward the land, more space is provided. Besides, there are only two suite type villas, which will be appropriate to the group of about 4 guests. They have not only private pools but also convenience and accessibility as they are next to the main swimming pool and bar. Among many types of rooms, I have chosen the ‘Beachfront Pool Villa’. It has a structure that leads directly from the bedroom to the swimming pool and is suitable for couples or those who travel alone. Two air conditioners are in full operation, so you might feel cold when you come in. The depth of the pool was 1.2 meters, so it was safe to play with children. The main pool also has similar features. With the isolated spatial composition, the shallow depth seemed to be in a good condition to be relieved. Even if Pool Villa is a good place to fall into a private time, the resort cost includes fee for basic facilities, so it will be great to go out of the room and enjoy them. If you have children, it is good to find a kids club, and if you are alone, it is a good idea to take a look at the fitness center. The kids club, where children from many countries communicate in English and play together, might be a great place to experience global exchange early in life. The play facilities are well-furnished and well-maintained, and professional nursery teachers keep their positions during the day so parents can feel relief when leaving their children and going out for leisure or activities. If you don’t have to worry about children, you should spend some time in the fitness center. There are some places in the resort where you have to pay for - the luxurious Spa, bar, restaurant, gift shop and so on. Although the main facilities are located around the main building, these amenities and activities are far from each other. There are three ways to move. The first way is to walk. I walked from end to end, and it took about half an hour. Walking in the broad daylight makes you lose weight. The next way is to ride a bicycle. Bicycles are placed in front of individual accommodation, according to the number of guests. It is common to go around the resort with this bicycle. If you want to go more conveniently, you can prepare a dollar for a tip and get a buggy from the concierge. The easiest way is to call an electric golf cart that is operated within the resort. But it takes time when there are many users or at night, so I, who is Korean with a quick temper, just walked or rode a bicycle more. It is optional to ride a buggy inside the resort, but there are some cases that surely need it. As off-road ATVs, archery, survival games and other exciting activities are located outside the resort, you must call buggy. The water sports provided at the beach are located just below the main swimming pool, so if you get out of your room and walk along the beach, you will soon arrive. The ATV ride is the center of external activities, but the first thing to do is to take safety training and lessons here. After that, you can enjoy various activities according to the staff’s guide. It is necessary to reserve on the Internet or at the main building counter, so it is better to make it in advance. Like this, you don’t have to look for other places to enjoy activities. Since the resort provides all the excitement experiences both of the sea and land, you should enjoy them. The resort also provides static and healing activities rather than active ones. If you want to feel at ease, among the programs offered by the resort, let's take a cooking class and a spa. In the restaurant, the chef who gives a variety of menus to customers will come and show cooking the traditional Indonesian food. And you can taste the finished dish. In addition, there is nothing like a Spa to relax. The By Ila Spa has a traditional Balinese massage. Before getting a massage, they check your health condition with a questionnaire and provide intensive care for specific areas you feel bad. Ginger tea or Lemon Grass Iced Tea served before or after massage is also a pride of By Ila. If you take a refreshing drink and take a Balinese massage, you will not be able to keep up. After taking a short nap, I can meet your fully relaxed body. Comfortable accommodation and various convenient facilities. And a variety of programs to choose from when booking a resort. I scheduled focusing on the holiday, and I spent time full of memories to go back at the The Residence Bintan. Among many memories at the resort, the best one is the delicious Indonesian food. Beef Rendang, Nasi Goreng, and many other dishes highly praised from various TV programs such as EBS are well-known dishes of the resort’s restaurant. Even though the tour programs show a lot of night markets and local people's tastes, the cuisine served in the resort itself is of high quality. Without going far, Rica Rica restaurant is my most memorable place to enjoy Indonesian delicacies. Until this moment…