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Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital Enables to Check Availability of Visit Through Mobile

Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital (Director Sung Ho Lee) changed the access control system that has been in place since February 19 to prevent the infection of COVID-19. Now, it is possible to check the availability of a visit through mobile in advance. In the past, a visitor was asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for the name, visiting day, the number of visitors, whether visited overseas within the last 14 days or not and the visited country. However, visitors were inconvenient as the waiting time was long at the entrance due to the time for writing the questionnaire and the constraints of space. In addition, many patients who visited the hospital without knowing the changed standards of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had to go back. ▲ Visitors need a mobile pass to visit the hospital. (Photo by: Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital) Therefore, Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital is sending the patient a questionnaire through mobile to make a reservation. At 8 a.m., a message with a questionnaire is sent through KakaoTalk, and visitors can write and send whether they have been overseas for the last two weeks, including their family, the country they visited, the number of visitors, etc. If there is no history of visiting overseas within the last 14 days, a pass will be successfully issued. When you show a mobile pass at the entrance of the hospital, you can use the hospital quickly after checking fever and respiratory symptoms. If you visited overseas within 14 days, you would be verified by the call center before visiting the hospital. Meanwhile, Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital has been implementing thorough access control to prevent COVID-19 infection since last month and operating a screening clinic for infection control in the community. The entrance is restricted to two places, and thermal imaging cameras are installed to check for fever and respiratory symptoms. Moreover, for the recovery of inpatients, visits are entirely restricted.

PANAGENE Acquired Molecular Diagnostic Medical Device Approval in Kazakhstan

Panagene Inc. (CEO Sung-Ki Kim), a Korean company that specializes in gene diagnosis based on PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acid; an artificial nucleotide), announced on February 19 that it has completed medical devices registration of seven molecular diagnostic products through Arsha of Kazakhstan, a member of the CIS and the Eurasian Economic Union. The Commonwealth of Independent States, an alliance of former Soviet Union countries, formed by Russia, is now a total of ten countries, including the associate member Turkmenistan. The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), modeled after the European Union (EU), has five members. The registered products include four products of PNAClamp™ line, Panagene's cancer-related mutation detection platform, and three products of PANA RealTyper™ line, a multiplex infection detection platform. A total of seven products have completed the registration first, and Panagene plans to add more products in the future. Panagene explained, "The medical device's approval in Kazakhstan is significant in that it has secured a base for Panagene's molecular diagnostic products to enter the CIS member countries as well as the Eurasia Economic Union. We are expecting increases in sales through bidding for national projects in CIS member countries such as Kazakhstan." The registered products have already been released in Korea and Europe for many years, used in clinical cases, and proven in the performance and technology. Therefore, Panagene expects to be recognized in the global market.

UBcare Changed the Brand Name of "EverHealth Direct" to "Checkup EASY"

UBcare(CEO Sang-Gyung Lee), a Korean digital healthcare solution company, changed the brand name of "Everhealth Direct", a free solution for a corporate's health screening management in Korea, to "Checkup EASY". The company changed the brand name and reorganized the website at the same time for expanding its small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) market. It has been about one year since the launch of the "Everhealth Direct" service in March last year. UBcare has reorganized its business goals for SME-oriented business expansion with the brand name change and completed the website reorganization in consideration of customer's ease of use. The reorganization of UBcare's website was focused on strengthening services and systems to raise SME health screening business to the level of large companies. Moreover, UBcare established a system that could connect companies with 150 nationwide examination centers to improve the quality of health screening and strengthen work convenience of SME employees and their families. Through this, companies can compare and select each examination center on the "Checkup EASY" website, and the relevant department managers can check the progress of employee health checkups in real-time through the manager page provided by each company. Besides, corporate employees can use a variety of convenience functions from appointment to result inquiry of the health screening through the "Checkup EASY" application.