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"Seagoing+E-sports Competition" will Become Boyaa Interactive's Double Engine of Future Growth

  • Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 9:23 am
  • ACROFAN=PRNewswire

ROZVADOV, Czech Republic, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sixth BPT Classic Brand Event, 2019 BPT Europe Competition, created by Boyaa Interactive, will be launched in Europe from December 5 to 8, 2019, in Rozvadov, Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, the tournament participators will work together with King's Resort, which has the largest poker room in Europe, to present a top poker tour for the top contestants from all the European countries. The complete schedule of the tournament has been officially announced recently.

Since 2015, BPT has been successfully held in Dublin, Ireland, Macao, Sanya, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam and other European and Asian cities. In addition, many contestants are from over 30 countries and regions around the world. The cumulative number of players online and offline in the world is as high as 20 million.

The company has sufficient funds and talent reserves to help Boyaa Interaction gradually go out of the difficult situation. Moreover, Boyaa Interactive is trying to find a new way of growing privately.

E-sports has become a new fashion of socialization for new generation and the e-sports competition may have its great opportunity of development

Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile games, it's been a puzzle for mobile game operators and development teams to consider how to make more users into the game. The e-sports competition of mobile games makes it easier for game players to interact and meet the requirements of social relationship and game playing.

In recent years, the state and local governments have had significant guidance for the e-sports industry, which is a positive signal for industrial investors. With the motivation of hosting games and enjoying good policies, with the characteristics of vitality, liveliness and popularity among young people, e-sports competition has had great influence on the development of other industries and made the local cultural and tourism industry more diversified.

From the perspective of the industry, e-sports has become an important opportunity of investment. According to the Game Industry Report for the First Half of 2019 released by the Game Working Committee, the actual sales revenue of China's e-sports game market in the first half of the year was 46.5 billion, an increase of 11.3 percent over the same period last year. And, it has maintained rapid and steady growth in the past three years.

As for the vast e-sports market, some game enterprises have gone into action without delay and found some business opportunities. As an industry giant, Tencent's e-sports business has been laid out as TGA (Tencent e-sports Games) since 2010, and its official brand was established on December 9, 2016. Meanwhile, with Tencent Games, China Literature Group, Tencent Pictures, and Tencent Animation have developed into the "New Literature Creation" digital content industry matrix. At the 2018 Tencent partner Conference, Yin Yu, Vice President of Tencent, revealed that in the e-competition section, Tencent would create e-sports ecology at the two key points including e-sports events and live-broadcasting platform. Therefore, it will promote the development of e-sports industry soundly and rapidly.

Boyaa Interaction has implemented a strategic layout in e-sports events continuously in recent years. Besides the constant launch of a series of high-quality chess and card games, Boyaa Interaction has also gradually set up a diversified competition system at home and abroad.

Explore the Operation Mode of Overseas Chess and Card Games to expand overseas Market with BPT Brand Event Series.

In the first half of 2019, Boyaa Interactive successfully hosted the fifth BPT brand series, the 2019 BPT Asia Competition, aiming to promote player activity and loyalty and improve the influence of the game and game user base. Thus, it will bring the Boyaa BPT brand further into the global chess circle and enhance brand awareness of the company effectively.

The 2019 BPT Asian online tournament started from mid-April to the end of June. It took the tournament more than two months to cover most of the Asian countries and offline satellite competitions. A total of nearly 500 people won the tickets to the Taiwan offline Finals and shared the total prize of NT $6.71 million for the main event. Apart from the local contestants from Taiwan, players from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States and Ireland have come all the way to this top poker tournament in Asia.

These results have proved that Boyaa Interaction doesn't simply have the ability of achieving short-term success overseas from the product promotion. The company also has the ability of obtaining new users continuously through long-term operations, IP linkage and e-sports events to maintain the game popularity. Furthermore, it even has the ability of continuing to set records. This also reflects the Boyaa Interaction in the seagoing operation has accumulated a relatively mature experience.

With Boyaa Interaction's efforts from many aspects and event planning, the ARPPU value of the company's Texas Hold'em Poker web-page and other chess and card mobile terminals increased in the first half of this year.

"Game Events + Public Welfare" innovates e-sports competition mode to transmit positive energy for the players and the society.

Besides the BPT competitions, Boyaa Interactive took public welfare as the starting point and held the "Boyaa Cup" public welfare competitions in many regions throughout the country. In the competitions, Boyaa Interactive combines the chess and card games with social public welfare activities creatively. With rich rewards for contestants, Boya Interactive will also donate corresponding public welfare funds in the name of players according to the total number of participants. The funds will be used for garbage classification to support green environmental protection.

In August this year, Boya Interactive held the "Boyaa Cup" 2019 Landlord Public Welfare Competition in Shenzhen and Changsha, combining chess and card competitions with public welfare actions to encourage and guide users to participate in social public welfare. It also promises to donate public welfare money to serve as a public welfare fund for users in each event. The two events have attracted thousands of contestants and have raised tens of thousands of yuan through the public welfare fund of the event. Boyaa Interaction has integrated the public welfare undertakings into its own development and combined board games effectively with public welfare. In addition, it guides and encourages Boyaa chess and card users to participate in public welfare undertakings actively.

As a listed company in chess and card games, Boyaa Interactive has always adhered to the game concept of "competitiveness" and "education", and has held dozens of public welfare activities, large and small. What's more, it strives to provide people of all ages with healthy, intelligent, leisure and convenient multi-platform game experience. In this way, it will carry out the corporate vision of "everywhere, share happiness" .