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Online Presentation of the Japan Game Awards 2022 to be Held The Future Division will resume

  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 7:14 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Japan Game Awards 2022 (JGA2022), organized by Computer Entertainment Supplierʼs Association (CESA; Chairman: Hideki Hayakawa) will hold the online presentation for the 26th Japan Game Awards 2022 by online. It can be viewed for free of charge without pre- registration.

“Game of the Year Division”
“Game Designers Award”
“Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award”

Date: 4:00pm to 5:50 pm, Thursday, September 15 (JST)
(simultaneous interpretation available)

In the Games of the Year Division, which recognizes games that represent the year, the Best Sales Award, Global Awards (Japanese product and foreign product), Awards for Excellence, and the Grand Award that determines the top prize, will be announced.

In addition, the Game Designers Award, which is selected by top creators representing Japan from a professional perspective, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Award, which is presented to people and organizations that have contributed to game industry development, will be announced.

“Future Division”

Date:10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Sunday, September 18 (JST)
(※Japanese language only)

The award for the Future Division will resume from 2019! The award is applicable for unreleased titles that were announced and exhibited in both venue and TGS2022 Online site, and votes were collected in three days during the event. After which, through screening by the Japan Game Awards Selection Committee, a title with future prospects was selected.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 Official Website:

*You also see each presentation ceremony from the official website. Please select “Contents” then “Official Program.” Then, You will see the channel for “Japan Game Awards” on Sep. 15 and Sep.18 in the timetable.