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Press Conference of EBS Tok!Tok! Boni-Hani Live 3000th Anniversary

  • Monday, December 21, 2015, 5:50 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Before the 3000th live, EBS Boni-Hani held a press conference at EBS head office in Gangnam, Seoul on December 21.

In this press conference, Tae-jin Park who took a role of Boni for the first, Won-sik Jang & So-yeong Kim who took roles of Boni and Hani respectively for the longest period, Dong-woo Shin & Soo-min Lee who are hosting Boni-Hani, and Dong-hyeon Moon, the director of the program having made and designed the program for the first time, attended the conference to celebrate the 3000th of Boni-Hani live.

▲ The press conference was hosted by Tae-gyu Park, a manager at EBS marketing department.

Boni-Hani is a program that has been received big love from children by adding thematically diverse and instructive insert programs, unique format with studio full of laughter, and real-time communication through telephone call.

Boni-Hani accomplished several records such as the longest broadcasting among domestic live programs for children and consecutively number one in ratings among EBS children programs. It also got credit publically, so it received 2006 Korea broadcasting targeted outstanding work award in children and teenagers TV program, 2009 blue media award, 2014 appropriate broadcasting language special award and etc.

Two hosts, ‘Boni’ and ‘Hani’, gained popularity as much as idol stars from viewers. Starting with Tae-jin Kim and Byul Han taking roles of Boni and Hani respectively, total eight of Boni and nine of Hani went through the program Boni-Hani.

Jae-sung Ahn and Da-yeong Ju, at that time third grade in middle school and first grade in high school respectively, opened fire of the youngest hosts and gave off fresh charm. Subsequently, the teenagers in 2014, Dong-woo Shin and Su-min Lee, succeeded them and received big love with friendly and smooth hosting.

▲ Dong-hyeon Moon PD(left) and the first Boni Tae-jin Kim(right)

▲ Won-sik Jang(left) and So-yeong Kim(right) having the record of the longest taking roles of Boni and Hani.

▲ Dong-woo Shin(left) and Su-min Lee(right) currently taking roles of Boni and Hani.

For giving thoughts of the 3000th live, Dong-hyeon Moon PD spoke his mind by saying ‘I don’t look like sensitive, but I am. I have a lump in my throat.’ Tae-jin Kim broadcaster gave his impression by saying ‘I hosted the program for about one and a half year as the first Boni. Now, I am known as a staff of the program called Entertainment Weekly(연예가중계), but still hometown in my mind is Boni-Hani. It’s honored place. The set was very small like a box room. I am filled with emotions and satisfactions as I see development of the program and the luxurious set.’

So-yeong Kim broadcaster said ‘It is nice to be here again.’, and expressed her opinion of hoping to attend with her kid at the 5000th or 30000th live. Won-sik Jang broadcaster expressed his mind ‘I took a role of Boni for about three years and three months. When I came here, I felt that I have to stand at the center with half-joke half-serious. I’m honored. I hope it would be a good time.’

The present Boni, Dong-woo Shin said ‘Though this set is the usual place, it is honored to sit with people like ancestors. It somewhat reminds me of old memories.’ The present Hani, Su-min Lee said ‘I searched for your Boni-Hani, since I had hosted it. It is honored to meet you. I appreciate having a press conference together.’

▲ Lots of promotional video clips for the 3000th are played. You can check them through TV.

▲ All the participants, including Dong-hyeon Moon director, expressed impressions about having the 3000th live.

On December 29, Boni-Hani staffs will show a special live, ‘The Boni-Hani’, to make the 3000th live more meaningful time. It will be worked with viewers for 60 minutes studio live, which is different from the original one that shows various insert programs.

You will be able to watch Boni’s hidden rapping skills and ‘Hani begins’ containing top star Hani’s secret of her birth. Many supporting characters such as Meokni, Dangdangman, and Flower twins will be with more interesting tales, and there will be a special guest at the same time.

Especially, Boni-Hani works with viewers through various events. It will present gifts through random drawings to viewers who become a friend with Boni-Hani KakaoTalk Plus, participate in the day’s quiz event on SNS, and wrote tales for Boni-Hani on ‘Talk! Talk! Tree’ on the 1st floor of EBS office.

Meanwhile, children channel EBSU of EBS provides a chance to watch Boni-Hani again by specially organizing the 3000th live from 7:30 p.m. on December 30 and 31.

Ho Lee PD who is in charge of directing the 3000th live said ‘I planned to give invitation to PDs who once passed through Boni-Hani, and about 30 people were in my mind at first thought. Directing the 3000th live is that much responsible and rewarding. I want to take responsibility for primary school students’ after school now and forever.’

▲ There was an opportunity to watch senior MCs’ hosting of ‘Lucky Circle’

▲ They received an ovation with outstanding hosting.

Dong-hyeon Moon said “When I just looked at the title logo, something popped in my mind. But humans being human, I thought that there might be some evidence of my work although it was ten years ago. If you look at Boni-Hani’s title, the words’ composition is still same while the background is changed a bit. ‘Tok!Tok!’ means popping and bouncing, and after a long meeting, we decided to put the phrase in the title for meaning communicating with children. The colors of ‘Boni-Hani’ were also blue and pink, but they were changed due to feedbacks from feminism point of view. Every little thing has its history and time. I hope (the present directors and staffs) have responsibility, but don’t feel it as heavy rather enjoy it.”

Tae-sik Kim said “The meaning of Boni-Hani came from ‘what are you watching, what are you doing.’ It meant teaching curious primary school students. Personally, my daughter is four years old. She everyday watches it. She really likes when Young-Soo Choi comedian appears. It is happy to watch the program that I hosted with my daughter.(with my daughter that I hosted) In fact, I didn’t want to come for the first casting, because I was known on the internet as ‘icon of an adverse change’. But I heard that they cannot contact the first Hani, so I hoped the first Hani, Byul Han, please contact. I wonder how she is doing. I’m glad to open a page of memories. This program is like a medal in my life. I hope viewers love Dong-Woo Shin and Soo-Min Lee.”

Soo-yeong Kim said “It has been over two months since I gave birth. I came here after having a child. Recently, when I watch Boni-Hani, I feel like watching ‘Reply 1988’. It reminds me of old memories. I want to take a commemorative photograph with my child. I hope that it will last for long.”

Won-sik Jang talked about the episode of his appearance, “I’ve put on a log of weight. I shouldn’t be, so I have been eating ten oysters and one banana for five days. I even tried to lose moisture yesterday.” He also said “I’m attached to the program, so I have special determinations. By watching you having done very well until the 3000th, I hope you don’t lose tension and forget your first time. I personally cannot contact Byul Han, so please find her.”

Dong-woo Shin talked about his episode of appearance, “We came to the 3000th live, thanks to you. The reason why we did this much well is that you created steppingstone at the first, I believe. I’m honored to host this 3000th live. I will keep doing harder.”

Su-min Lee said “I feel the same way with him. Even though I didn’t do all the lives from 1th to 3000th, I feel like I did for a very long time. I’m attached to the program, and I think the 3000th will be a special memory as I did my best. I’m already happy and excited to have it. Like seniors’ saying, I will not forget my first time, and other previous comments.”

▲ Ho Lee answered to Acrofan’s question.

▲ Boni-Hani staffs and casts hoped that the program will continue 30,000th and 300,000th.

Acrofan asked the thoughts and process of recreating the ideas collected from Boni-Hani’s characteristic of experimenting formats dealt by main programs, concepts, patterns and etc. to the main viewers, primary school students. Ho Lee, who is currently directing Boni-Hani, answered like this.

He said “I want to submit primary school life report as an annual leave.” He then answered “We are now processing two methods to be close to primary students’ lives. First, ‘Our Ranking Show’ is dealing with places where primary school students cannot easily go or the way of thinking which are different between that of mothers and children. At the same time, we are analyzing primary school students’ life patterns with a laboratory. This is for submitting primary school life report.”

“Apart from these grand works, we keep visiting primary schools for once a week or two weeks. We’re trying to meet students’ opinions and likings.” He also said “By reorganizing the program from the last September, we prepared a system that allows participation through KakaoTalk. From now, it is possible to participate in a program through KakaoTalk in real time.”

Lastly, he added “We have a draft meeting and reading with all the staffs on every Thursday. As trying acting every line, all the staffs including the writer and FD are acting well enough to debut as minor voice actors. Like this, we construct, demonstrate and produce the program by ourselves.”